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Don’t let your eyes deceive you.

He is not my boyfriend. I do not have a boyfriend. Lover. Significant other. Sweetheart. Partner.

I’m not thinking of him as a boyfriend. Lover. Significant other. Sweetheart. Partner.

Clear enough for you now?



Walk walk wak.

From here (x).
I wanted to put it on my blog, but— Hnng.

Free to use. 

Added hair movement because it was bothering me-




Now it’s pottertalia walking little gifs (ノ゜∇゜)ノ

Suggestion from (x)

Anonymous whispered: I honestly don't know the story of the blog (I've been here for like a year? Oh silly me), I'm just here for the pretty art.

Thecnically, it’s supposed to be based on the Hero and Wizard doujin-
But I messed up the order of my posts and it looks confusing q 7 q;;;;;;;; I’m trying to follow a more organized timeline lately ;;

I’m glad you like my art, though q//v//q! ]]

Why do you ask?

I haven’t talked to Beilschmidt since— …since he had a tail. And scales.

About Jones— no. I haven’t. It’s been a few days now.
And he is not my boyfriend.

I don’t have one. Don’t jump to conclusions.



That’s all—

Anonymous whispered: What's bigger?? Your eyebrows or your pride?!?! 😆

My patience.

Anonymous whispered: ((HOLY WOW! How did you do that animation? °q° ))

Emofuri— ]]

…One’s heart.


askalfiethehero submitted:

Don’t forget to eat your treat okay! It’s one of the finest chocolates I’ve found :DDD

Thank you…

I’ll make sure— to not waste… your effort… for me.