Just a little heads up-
But I won’t be answering replies for the dance asks for now ;; I’ll be focusing on the main event for the masquerade ball.
Due to my limited free time now, I can’t draw much orz Sorry. 



Just so you know, it wouldn’t happen in other circunstances.




askthedemonhunter asked: I got no one to dance with, you wanna go?



…You remind me of someone. 
Because you have my sympathy, 



ask-reaper-amelia asked: ''Hey grumpy eyebrows, may I dance with you?"
hogwartsivan-braginski asked: "If you are still willing, may I ask for a dance?"
actualnihon asked: may i dance with you <o>w<o>???


Aren’t you a little too excited…


ask-wolfman-alfred asked: I bet you dance really well! Would you mind showing me how???

*Dance requests closed.

I’ll be answering the ones I got in my inbox soon!



        HEY GUYS!! BOY, DO HAKI AND I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU after some careful and mooonths (no really we’ve had this in the works for like so many months already, ive just been so busy)  we are holding a giveaway for the multitudes of followers we’ve gained in the past year or so.

so of course we have cool prizes for our giveaway that is:

  • one harry potter book charm bracelet made by Lani(Not pictured sadly)
  • two harry potter books to start off your own collection
  • two surprise Hetalia Merchandise for all your hetalia needs 
  • one beautiful digital art created by Haki
  • and some random fun sweets and chocolates (though tell me if you are allergic to certain things that is an issue)

Rules are that it will be for our followers so please dont follow for cool things to then unfollow thats rude uwu) Like and Reblog as much as you please.

SO This ends 9/30 11:59 EST and that gives you guys a month! 

                       happy blogging everyone!

let me just put this here))

  • From my part, I’ll be drawing one full body chibi,


  • and one full color drawing - the winner gets to choose what art style they prefer for the last one. It might be a shoulder up/waist up, though. It depends on the request— 


Any character is fine— it also can be any fandom/OC. Mecha, nsfw, guro and furry are debatable, please be merciful to me ^ q ^;;;;

Good luck! 6 w <)bbbb

*Samples featuring Alice, Florist, Bartendie and my own grumpy brows. Sorry I only have Hetalia samples 9 w 9;;;;; 

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